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UPSC Success Story: From Dowry Victim To IRS Success – The Inspiring Journey Of Komal Ganatra


New Delhi: In 2012, Komal Ganatra’s remarkable journey unfolded as she not only triumphed in the UPSC Civil Services examination but also clinched an impressive 591st rank among a vast pool of candidates. Yet, her narrative transcends the conventional tales of UPSC success, delving into the depths of her resilience amid adversity.

Married at the age of 26 to a New Zealand businessman in 2008, Komal found herself grappling with the specter of eviction from her in-laws’ abode due to her inability to meet dowry demands. Left abandoned mere weeks after her nuptials, she embarked on a futile quest for justice, ultimately retreating to her parental home in Savarkundala, Gujarat. There, amidst a backdrop of harsh criticism and relentless taunts from acquaintances and neighbors, she confronted her trials.

Undeterred by the tumultuous circumstances, Komal, armed with a diploma in engineering, resolved to forge a new path for herself. Relocating to a remote village situated some 40 kilometers from her hometown, she embraced the role of a primary school educator, navigating the challenges of subsistence on a modest monthly stipend of Rs 5000. It was amidst the humble environs of this rural setting that she embarked on her odyssey of UPSC preparation.

Fuelled by her personal tribulations and an unwavering determination to effect change from within, Komal embarked on her journey towards civil services. Supplementing her academic repertoire with an engineering degree from Rajkot Government Polytechnic, a BA degree from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, and a Primary Teachers Training Certificate from a local institution, she meticulously laid the groundwork for her ambitions.

However, the path to UPSC success in the hinterlands posed its own array of hurdles, ranging from erratic power supply to a dearth of guidance resources. Struggling to access vital tools such as English newspapers, indispensable for staying abreast of current affairs, Komal confronted the formidable specter of isolation and information asymmetry.

Yet, amidst these formidable challenges, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of the Sardar Patel Institute of Public Administration (SPIPA), a bastion of learning for IAS aspirants under the aegis of the Gujarat government. Availing herself of this invaluable resource, Komal found solace in structured preparation and guidance, bolstering her resolve as she braved the rigors of the UPSC examination.


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