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Park Eun Bin poses with AI-generated child models in TV advertisement, stirring debate – Times of India


Seoul Milk‘s latest advertisement for ‘A2+ Milk’ featuring actress Park Eun Bin has caused quite a stir among viewers, particularly regarding the identities of the child models who shared the screen with her. Launched on April 5, the ad made waves by showcasing Park Eun Bin alongside three child models, sparking conversations about their uncanny resemblance.
However, the revelation that followed left many intrigued: the faces of the child models were not real but rather a product of artificial intelligence (AI) technologydigitally overlaying Park Eun Bin’s face onto them. This innovative approach was aimed at illustrating Park Eun Bin’s journey through different life stages, mirroring the evolution of the product’s packaging.
A spokesperson from Seoul Milk Cooperative explained, “We believe that Park Eun Bin, who has steadily built her acting career since her childhood, perfectly embodies the fresh concept of our milk advertisement”, as quoted by AllKpop.
The news of AI-generated child models left netizens divided. Some expressed surprise, noting the striking resemblance, while others raised concerns about transparency, suggesting the advertisement should have disclosed the use of AI.
Some remarked, “I thought they looked very identical”, while others questioned the lack of disclosure, stating, “I think the advertisement should’ve mentioned somewhere that the child actors were replaced using AI programming”. Another noted, “I was able to notice that the children were CGI”. Conversely, some netizens pondered the extent of AI’s reach, asking, “How far are they going to take AI technology?” and raised ethical concerns, asking, “Is it okay for them to use AI program like this without disclosing it?”
This isn’t the first instance of AI being used to replace the faces of child actors. In a recent Netflix drama, ‘A Killer Paradox’, similar technology was employed to replace the face of a child actor portraying a younger version of Son Seok Gu’s character. Initially praised for his resemblance to the actor, it was later revealed that AI technology was used with Son Seok Gu’s childhood photos.


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