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Kim Soo-hyun’s father, Kim Chung-hoon: Remarriage, half-sibling, and more – Everything you need to know – Times of India


Recently, the spotlight has shifted towards the father-son relationship between Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Chung-hoon, especially with the news circulating about Kim Chung-hoon’s remarriage. Kim Chung-hoon was known as the frontman and lead vocalist of the iconic underground rock band Seven Dolphins during the mid-1980s. Despite Seven Dolphins’ initial fame, their popularity waned with the emergence of rivals like Songolmae, led by renowned artists Bae Cheol-soo and Gu Chang-mo.
During their heyday, Seven Dolphins commanded significant fees, often exceeding 5 million won per performance. Kim Chung-hoon later began his solo career, releasing hit songs such as ‘Here Oppa Arrived’ and ‘There’s A Fire Next Door’ in 2009, followed by a string of successful singles in the mid-2010s, including ‘Mask’, ‘I’m Angry Because I’m Older’, and ‘Bravo’. His solo concert in June last year garnered considerable attention, featuring guest appearances by popular artists like Jung Su-ra and Kim Bum-ryong.
He reportedly divorced his first wife during his band’s touring days and subsequently entered a new chapter by remarrying and starting a family, welcoming a daughter named Kim Joo-na. Notably, Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Joo-na share the bond of step-siblings.
During a 2020 episode of ‘Rumor Has It’, panelist Hwang Young-jin brought up Kim Soo-hyun’s financial support for his family, stating, “Isn’t Kim Soo-hyun financially comfortable? It’s been reported that he financially supports his father, stepmother, and step-sibling”, as quoted by Koreaboo. This remark sparked widespread discussion and debate.
Similarly, in a 2016 episode of ‘Curious Story’, panelist Wie Il-chung recounted, “After Kim Soo-hyun became a star, I tried calling (Kim Chung-hoon). Kim Chung-hoon said he sometimes sees Kim Soo-hyun. When Kim Soo-hyun was young, Kim Chung-hoon couldn’t contact his son often, worried about influencing his adolescence, but after his son became a celebrity, he contacted him first, and now they have a relationship like any other father and son”.
And as reported by The Fact on April 13, Kim Chung-hoon recently conducted a quiet remarriage ceremony at a venue in Gangnam, Seoul. Despite their long standing relationship post-remarriage, the couple had not previously held a formal ceremony.


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