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Know when the baby shower is done

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You must have also heard about this ritual during pregnancy, but in every religion and city, the ceremony of baby shower is celebrated in a different way.

When is the baby shower done?

In some families, the baby shower is performed in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is believed that during this month the mother and the baby growing in the womb are completely safe.

What is baby shower?

When a woman is pregnant, preparations are in full swing for the guest to come. The members of the house celebrate happiness in different ways as per their wish. There is also a traditional custom when pregnant, which is followed.

Significance of baby shower – 

When a woman enters the seventh month of her pregnancy, it means that now both mother and child have reached a safe state and it is celebrated in her happiness.

During this ritual, all the elders of the family and all the family members bless both the child and the mother to be born to the woman. Because of this, this ritual becomes more special.

Baby shower
Baby shower

The wish of good health is actually one of the main objectives of this baby shower ceremony. A puja performed on this day also removes the defects of the womb.

During the ritual, fruits and dry fruits are given to the pregnant woman in her lap and all these food items are nutritious for her. The purpose of giving this is only one that the pregnant woman should take it so that the health of both the mother and the child is good.


It is believed that eating greasy foods during pregnancy helps in delivery. This is the reason why pregnant women are given fatty foods at baby showers.

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