How much load can Morvi Bridge carry.. What are Suspension Bridges??

140 people lost their lives in Gujarat.. how the bridge broke..

What are the suspention bridge

A bridge is one where several cables are installed across two or more towers that support the bulk of the weight and force of the bridge. The cables run from the tower to Anchorage.

The suspension bridge was built by Sir Waghji Thakor, the king of Morbi. The bridge was inaugurated by Governor Richard Temple Kiya tha on 20 Feb1879..

It had no idea how much weight it could lift..

A heart-wrenching incident came to light in Gujarat –

When the Morvi bridge broke, 140 people lost their lives.. Many people have lost themselves..


Some have left their parents and some sister got away from their brother..

This bridge was built in the 19th century.

It was restarted after 6 months of work on the bridge.

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